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Pushing Forward with Flexible Thinking and Pioneering Business Creation, No Matter How Times Change 


The Kanematsu Group was founded in 1889, pioneering trade between Japan and Australia. In the decades that followed, the Group weathered upheavals in the global business environment, including the Great Depression and world wars, as well as major economic blows, such as the burst of the Japanese economic bubble. Time and again, the Group flexibly overcame these difficulties, implementing large-scale business selection and concentration and creating businesses in its wide-ranging areas of strength. The entrepreneurial spirit that lives in all our employees、passed down since our founding, and their constant awareness of our Corporate Principle, which is based on the idea of social contribution, are the sources of the strength that has brought us this far.

    Amid increased uncertainty created by the COVID-19 pandemic, industrial structures are shifting and business models are undergoing profound changes due to digital transformation (DX). Since fiscal 2019, the Kanematsu Group has been implementing future 135, its six-year medium-term vision. March 2021 marked the conclusion of the vision's third year. Standing at this halfway point, we have examined changes in the external environment and how they relate to the progress of business investment in order to reassess our policy for the vision's remaining three years. Our basic policy of pursuing sustainable growth in fundamental businesses alongside the expansion of scale and the acquisition of added value through investment in business areas where we have strength is largely unchanged. However, we have added initiatives related to the SDGs and DX to the vision's priority initiatives going forward.

    I believe that trading companies, being light on their feet, are uniquely suited to respond to rapid changes in the business environment. No matter how times change, we aim to continue to offer solutions to the issues faced by society by applying flexible thinking and pioneering ideas. Sharing this ambition with all members of the Group, we will continue to create enterprise value unique to the Kanematsu Group.

June 2021
Yoshiya Miyabe
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