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Message from the President

Message from the President


Accomplishing Our Social Mission by Creating Value for a New Era

Our corporate activities are based on the belief that contributing to global economic development is our social mission.

 Under the future 135 medium-term vision, we are working toward sustained growth in core businesses while making business investments that balance capital and risk assets in order to achieve scale expansion and capture added value. Furthermore, we are expanding investments in new businesses centered on advanced technology, such as AI and IoT. Leveraging our accumulated wealth of insight and experience, we will exercise our competitive edge in highly specialized areas of strength as we boldly advance toward the vision's targets.

 In the fiscal year ended March 31, 2019, Kanematsu recorded its highest ever profit before tax. However, this is but a point along the way to further growth. With our goal of long-term sustainable growth in mind, we aim to reach greater heights by coming together and contemplating how society should evolve going forward and what contributions the Kanematsu Group can make in light of such changes.

As a company that has continuously pursued growth for 130 years, we will strive to create value that can serve as a foundation for a new era.

August, 2019
Kaoru Tanigawa
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