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Message from the President

Message from the President


Flexibly Responding to Change as We Move Toward a New Growth Stage

The Kanematsu Group has a long history stretching back more than 130 years. Over the decades, by flexibly responding to changing market environments and creating new businesses, we have continued to advance corporate activities to contribute to global economic development.

I believe that fiscal 2021, which will mark the midpoint of our six-year medium-term vision, future 135, will be an extremely important year in terms of the growth and future of the Kanematsu Group.
Going forward, we will continue aiming for sustainable growth in fundamental businesses, balancing capital and risk assets as we carry out growth investments based on our sound financial structure and work to secure a revenue base expansion and added value. Furthermore, with an eye to achieving the SDGs, we will work to solve social issues and advance sustainability through our business activities and by implementing management with a focus on diversity and inclusion.

In the face of mounting uncertainty worldwide, now, more than ever, the Kanematsu Group will rally the entrepreneurial spirit that flows through the core of its business activities to keep one step ahead of change and create value that no one else can.

July, 2020
Kaoru Tanigawa
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