Kanematsu Expands Commercial Aircraft Rotable Components Business: KG Aircraft Rotables to Start Handling Rotable Components for the Airbus A320 Family

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Oct 29, 2014

Kanematsu Corporation is pleased to announce that KG Aircraft Rotables Co., Ltd. (Head office: Dublin, Ireland, hereinafter "KGAR"), a subsidiary of Kanematsu Corporation, has started handling rotable components for the Airbus A320 family as part of its aircraft rotable components business.

Airbus A320s are top-selling, single-aisle airplanes that rank with the Boeing B737 passenger models. Orders and deliveries for the A320 family have totaled about 11,000 and 6,200, respectively.
The Airbus A320s production rate surpasses 40 a month, and the A320 family is anticipated to keep playing a central role in medium-size passenger aircraft.

KGAR keeps about 10,000 types of rotable components for commercial aircraft, mainly for Boeing B737s, at its warehouse in Britain and specializes in the replacement and repair of rotable components, and outright sales and leasing. KGAR is able to offer a service and support to customers 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and the company can also quickly respond to urgent inquiries.

The global aircraft market is expected to keep expanding in the future. There are predictions, such as the number of aircraft in service will nearly double in the next 20 years. The demand for rotable components is growing in line with market expansion.

KGAR is able to meet more diverse customer demands by adding A320 rotable components to its line of business. The company aims to double its net sales from the current level of US$12,000,000 in five years by continuing to expand its business base.

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Tel: +81-3-5440-8000

< Outline of KG Aircraft Rotables Co., Ltd. >
Location:Dublin, Ireland
Representative:Donal O'Doherty
Paid in capital:US$12,000,000
Web site:www.kgar.com
Business description: replacement, repair and leasing of rotable aircraft components

Overview for replacing and repairing rotable components:
KGAR immediately supplies replacement part with customers in the case where part fails on the aircraft. In such cases, the failed part is repaired and stored in the company's warehouse as its inventory waiting for upcoming order.

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