Kanematsu Acquires Sales Agency Right of Cessna Citation Series for Public Offices

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August 12, 2015

Kanematsu Corporation ("Kanematsu") has acquired the sales agency right of the Citation series, the internationally best-selling jets of Cessna Aircraft Company ("Cessna"), for public offices in Japan from Cessna, a subsidiary of Textron Aviation headquartered in Wichita, Kansas in the United States.

Kanematsu received an order for three flight inspection aircraft based on the Cessna Citation CJ4 (525C) from the Civil Aviation Bureau of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism in December 2013, and plans to deliver them in fiscal 2015. Now Kanematsu has acquired the sales agency rights for all Cessna jets.

The Cessna Citation series have a wide-ranging lineup, from the Mustang, a small six-seat airplane, through the Sovereign+, a medium-sized 12-seat airplane with excellent takeoff and landing performance, to the Longitude currently under development (which plans to acquire an FAA type certificate in 2017). Kanematsu will be able to introduce the models best suited for various projects scheduled in Japan in the future.

Kanematsu will continue to conduct active sales activities for the Cessna Citation series.

<List of models handled by Kanematsu>

ModelMaximum flight rangeMaximum number of passengers (including crew)
Citation Mustang 1,200 NM 6
Citation M2 1,540 NM 8
Citation CJ3+ 2,040 NM 10
Citation CJ4 2,170 NM 10
Citation XLS+ 2,100 NM 11
Citation Latitude 2,850 NM 11
Citation Sovereign+ 3,190 NM 11
Citation X+ 3,460 NM 12
Citation Longitude (Note) 4,000 NM(Note) 12(Note)
(Note) Currently under development with plans to acquire an FAA type certificate in 2017.

Public Relations Department, Kanematsu Corporation

<Reference:Picture of Citation Sovereign+>

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