Kanematsu Advances into Smart Agriculture Sector with Investment in Farmnote Co., Ltd.

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August 27, 2015

Kanematsu Corporation ("Kanematsu") and its wholly owned subsidiary Kanematsu Agritech Co., Ltd. ("Kanematsu Agritech") have invested in Farmnote Co., Ltd. ("Farmnote") by underwriting part of private placement conducted by Farmnote.

Farmnote is a promising venture company that develops and provides the "Farmnote," a cloud cattle population management system to improve the productivity of dairy and livestock farmers. Less than two years old, it is growing rapidly in the smart agriculture sector. The Farmnote is a cattle population management system that is able to visualize the management of a stock farm simply with touch interactions with a smart device, and it can be used easily even by those who have low IT literacy.

In anticipation of the conclusion of negotiations for the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP), Kanematsu and Kanematsu Agritech have decided to invest in Farmnote as both companies shared an interest with Farmnote in helping dairy and livestock farmers in Japan maintain their international competitiveness.

Kanematsu has long maintained one of the largest share of the dairy farming feedstuff market, while Kanematsu Agritech manufactures and sells feed mixtures for daily farming as a Kanematsu Group company in Japan. Kanematsu also operates a pasture grass collection and processing business in the United States and Australia and strives to be a reliable supplier of safe and secure, high-quality and high-performance feedstuff.

Kanematsu and Kanematsu Agritech will hold a briefing on Farmnote in major regions across Japan, taking advantage of the sales networks of the Kanematsu Group. The companies will also aim to introduce customers to each other and provide high value-added support in feedstuff sales. In addition, they will support the overseas development of the Farmnote in the future.

Aiming for "cooperation and mutual development with our business partners" as stated in the basic policy of VISION-130, the medium-term vision for the 130th anniversary of its founding, Kanematsu will continue to contribute to the enhancement of competitiveness of dairy and livestock farmers in Japan.

[Overview of Farmnote Co., Ltd.]
Address: Nishi 16 jyou Minami 1-2, Obihiro city, Hokkaido
Establishment: November 28, 2013
Representative: Shinya Kobayashi
Business: Development and provision of the "Farmnote," a cattle population management system for dairy farming and livestock raising.

Public & Investor Relations Section, Kanematsu Corporation
Tel: +81-3-5440-8000

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