Kanematsu Communications Limited commences new operation following merger with Diamond Telecom, Inc.

April 1, 2017

In April 2017, Kanematsu Communications Limited, a company that enjoys a high market share in the mobile phone sales agent industry, commenced operation as the new Kanematsu Communications following full integration with Diamond Telecom, Inc., a company that joined the Kanematsu Group in April 2016.

Considering the mobile business as one of its priority business areas in the medium-term vision VISION-130 being implemented by the Group, it has been working to expand its business scale and increase revenues through measures such as M&A. On the other hand, mobile phone sales agents are expected to transform themselves into general service providers with an eye on the expansion of next-generation businesses, as well as improving services in response to the enhancement of mobile phone functions and the diversification of products.

The integration of the two companies will result in the new company's becoming a major mobile phone sales agent, with 455 stores nationwide. Going forward, the new company will strive to make its operations more efficient and improve its profitability by leveraging economies of scale. It will also work on enhancing services by capitalizing on its network of outstanding stores established based on its own career-certification store program as well as the synergies of the human resources and expertise of the two companies. These efforts will boost the company's presence in the mobile phone sales agent industry.

While attaching importance to contact with more diversified customers, the company will also work on providing insurance and other types of services as well as disseminating new systems or services such as M2M and IoT, in addition to the sale of mobile phones.

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