Kanematsu to Participate in Cybersecurity Investment Fund

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February 8, 2019

Kanematsu Corporation (hereinafter "Kanematsu") will participate in the fund called Cyber Innovation Partners II (hereinafter the "Fund") established by Allegis Cyber (hereinafter "Allegis"), a venture capital headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA.

The Fund will invest mainly in the cybersecurity area, regarding which there is increasing concern in a range of business fields, and it will provide funds for the cultivation and growth of advanced technologies. Allegis, which manages the Fund, is headed by Mr. Robert Ackerman, who was chosen among the Top 100 Cyber Executives by Fortune magazine, and Mr. David DeWalt, who has held the position of CEO of leading cybersecurity companies such as FireEye and McAfee. The company has made investments in the cybersecurity area since 2013.

Kanematsu has established a new subsidiary, Kanematsu Ventures Inc. (hereinafter "Kanematsu Ventures"), to participate in the Fund. Kanematsu Ventures will not only become an investor in the Fund, but will also conduct activities for the cultivation and development of advanced technologies and new business models and for cooperation and collaboration with start-ups.

In addition, Kanematsu formed a team for Technologies and Business Collaboration for cooperation among all business divisions in November 2018. By keeping up with technical innovation and promoting business creation and investment in innovation, we will seek to expand the scale and acquire added value through effective business investment as set forth in the six-year medium-term vision "future 135" announced in May 2018.

About the fund
Name of the fund : Cyber Innovation Partners II
Establishment : January in 2019
Investment strategy: Investment of funds for growth in new companies related to cybersecurity in and outside Silicon Valley, USA, among other actions
Investors : Leading institutional investors of the USA and other industrial corporations, among other entities

About Kanematsu Ventures Inc.
Establishment : July in 2018
CEO : Masafumi Nishikawa
Location : Silicon Valley, USA
Purpose of business: Participation in the Fund through the investment, cultivation and development of advanced technologies/business models, support for the growth of start-ups

Public & Investor Relations Section, Kanematsu Corporation
Tel: +81-3-5440-8000

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