Kanematsu Agrees on a Strategic Partnership with France-Based Dawex

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September 20, 2019

Kanematsu Corporation("Kanematsu") is pleased to announce they have agreed on a Strategic Partnership with Dawex Systems SAS ("Dawex"), a French scale-up company which provides the most advanced global data exchange platform technology. Since the signing of a business alliance in November 2018, Kanematsu and Dawex have jointly promoted data exchange business in Japan. As the result of their marketing efforts, both companies have officially agreed to launch a commercial data exchange platform service in Japan.

In January 2019, the European Commission and Japan adopted mutual adequacy decisions, creating the world's largest area of safe data flows and allowing personal data to flow freely between the two economies on the basis of strong data protection guarantees. In June 2019 at the G20 summit the "Osaka Track" was launched to provide an overarching framework promoting cross-border data flow with enhanced protections. This increased recognition at institutional level is creating the conditions for the development of the data economy.

Dawex has been operating a global data marketplace since 2017 which has been growing steadily, with more than 8,000 companies from 20+ sectors now engaging in data exchange activities. The most active sectors in data exchange and utilization are currently the Financial Services (16%), Trade, Distribution, E-commerce (14%) and Marketing, Advertising and Communication (12%). The Retail sector is the one experiencing the strongest growth with +30% YoY. The momentum is strong for cross-sector interactions, with 70% of data exchanges taking place between companies operating in different industry sectors.

With the prospect of increasing data exchanges on the market, Kanematsu will operate, in partnership with Dawex, a data exchange platform, aiming to launch the service during this fiscal year. Kanematsu will also aim to create the Data Community with Dawex and companies that have the technologies and capabilities to support data exchange and utilization, in order to further promote the data trading business.

The data exchange platform is a one-stop place allowing secure data transactions, providing data supply-demand matching mechanisms, licensing and payment support to companies and organizations willing to trade data products.

As a member and the sole representative of Dawex at the Data Trading Alliance, Kanematsu will share with the Alliance advanced data exchange use cases collected from Dawex's rapidly expanding business in Europe and the United States and contribute to the spreading of data exchange and utilization in Japan.

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LocationLyon, France
BusinessDevelop and sell data trading platform and related services

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