Capital and Business Partnership with ATAD Steel Structure Corporation (Vietnam)

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April 19, 2021

Kanematsu Corporation entered into a capital and business partnership with ATAD Steel Structure Corporation (Vietnam) in March 2021, making the latter an equity method affiliate.

Established in 2004, ATAD has provided products and services in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in Vietnam. It specializes in pre-engineered building, a field in systematic building that enables the reduction of construction time and costs by standardizing the design, manufacture, and construction process of steel structures. Furthermore, in recent years the company has earned favorable recognition in the field of heavy steel frames, which requires more advanced design and process management capabilities, and has been tasked with the construction of high-rise buildings, airports, and other infrastructure-related projects. In addition, the company has gained an excellent reputation for oil and gas projects, LNG projects, and petrochemical projects.

Under the medium-term vision, "future 135", Kanematsu aims to increase the number of its affiliated companies in major overseas markets as part of its global strategy. Our Steel, Materials & Plant Division considers construction and infrastructure to be one of its most important businesses. The partnership will enable us to combine our raw materials procurement, marketing, and sales functions, achieved by our global group network, with ATAD's development capabilities, which is expected to accelerate the growth and expansion of ATAD's steel structure business moving forward.

【Overview of ATAD】

Name ATAD Steel Structure Corporation

(ATAD Dong Nai Factory)

Established 2004
Main Office Ho Chi Minh City
Factory Long An Province, Dong Nai Province

Design, manufacture, transportation and construction of steel structures

Overseas sites



【Ref.】ATAD's major projects

Da Nang International Airport

Mertro Line 1-Ben Thanh Suoi Tien&nbsp&nbsp Binh Khanh Bridge

Cai Mep Coal Storage

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