Kanematsu Launches Strategic Investment Company TW Link: Shippers and Logistics Companies Working Together to Promote Adoption of Trade Platform TradeWaltz®

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August 26, 2021


Kanematsu Corporation is pleased to announce that it has launched TW Link Corporation as a joint venture with Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd., Suzue Corporation, Daitokoun Co., Ltd., and Fuji Warehouse Corporation (hereinafter "joint venture partners"), which are major logistics companies we do business with. TW Link is a strategic investment company established for the purpose of promoting the adoption of TradeWaltz®, a trade platform provided by TradeWaltz Inc., across the industry.

TradeWaltz® is an open, global trade platform provided by TradeWaltz that leverages blockchain (distributed ledger) technology. Launched in November 2020, the platform aims to share all trade-related information in an integrated manner, streamline operations, and enable paperless transactions. Going forward, TradeWaltz plans to expand its functions by cooperating with platforms such as NACCS*1 and Cyber Port*2 and by implementing electronic B/Ls, etc. with the aim to provide new services beyond the digitization of trade documents. Before this can happen, however, it is necessary to identify the practical challenges faced by shippers and logistics companies and demonstrate that TradeWaltz® can serve as a solution. TW Link was launched to enable shippers and logistics companies to contribute to the identification and solving of these challenges and to help develop TradeWaltz® into Japan's standard trade platform. We plan to participate in the rights offering of TradeWaltz as well.

Kanematsu and its joint venture partners will take the lead in API integration*3 of their enterprise systems via TradeWaltz®, utilizing their resources to provide TradeWaltz with practical feedback for improving the functionality of TradeWaltz® from the perspectives of shippers and logistics companies. Through participating in this initiative, we will help develop TradeWaltz® into an extensive trade ecosystem and further digitalize our logistics operations.

*1 NACCS (Nippon Automated Cargo and Port Consolidated System): An electronic information communications system that connects tax authorities, cargo carriers, customs brokers, warehouse operators, airline companies, shipping companies, shipping agencies, financial institutions, and other organizations to facilitate and expedite international trade procedures, such as customs clearance and payment of import-related customs duties.

*2 Cyber Port: A platform that digitalizes port logistics procedures carried out using paper documents, telephone, email, etc. to enable private business operators to streamline their operations, aiming to enhance productivity across port logistics as a whole.

*3 Application Programming Interface (API) integration: To link applications (software) and programmed data.

Comments from stakeholders

1.Hirohisa Kojima, President & CEO, TradeWaltz Inc.

"We are very grateful for the establishment of TW Link for driving the expansion of TradeWaltz®. The cooperation of logistics companies is essential in order for our services to be adopted by trade businesses in Japan and to achieve full digitization of trade, and we would appreciate feedback and advice on any further challenges to be addressed. We will work closely with TW Link to provide services that can help optimize and develop trade."

2.Jiro Kawanishi, President, Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd.

"The logistics industry is approaching a crossroads amid the recent rapid changes in the business environment, and we believe it will be essential for various trade and logistics enterprises to get together and share information. We decided to participate in the launch of the strategic investment company TW Link to contribute to the development of a new platform."

3.Takahiro Suzue, Representative Director and Chairman, Suzue Corporation

"We are excited about developing an import/export system with Kanematsu Corporation, which is one of Japan's major trading companies, and hope it will lead to further digitalization."

4.Yoshisada Sone, President and CEO, Daitokoun Co.,Ltd.

"One of our philosophies as a company is to 'contribute to society through harbor transportation.' By participating in the launch of TW Link, we hope to enhance productivity and contribute to the entire logistics industry. Always determined to make our customers happy, we will work to drive forward the digitalization of logistics."

5.Masahiko Sakaguchi, President & CEO, Fuji Warehouse Corporation

"It is imperative to share information across different sectors as demand for improved productivity grows. TradeWaltz® is a platform that enables this kind of cooperation, and we believe there is large demand for its services. We will work with our partners at TW Link to make TradeWaltz® even more convenient for the many companies that have joined or plan to join the platform."

6.Yoshiya Miyabe, President, Kanematsu Corporation

"Wanting to develop TradeWaltz® into a secure and exciting trade platform, we got together with like-minded logistics companies to launch TW Link. We expect a lot to come from this new initiative, with shippers and logistics companies working in unison to enhance Japan's trade capabilities."

【Overview of TW Link Corporation】

Name TW Link Corporation
Head Office 2-1, Shibaura 1-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo Japan
Established Kazuyasu Shigeta
Paid-in Capital 279 million yen

Kanematsu Corporation
Kawanishi Warehouse Co., Ltd
Suzue Corporation
Daitokoun Co., Ltd.
Fuji Warehouse Corporation


Provision of knowledge and knowhow of import/export operations, especially logistics operations, to TradeWaltz Inc. Support for the expansion of TradeWaltz®, among other activities.

【Investment structure】

Traffic & Insurance Department, Kanematsu Corporation Tel: +81-3-5440-9094

For the press:
Public & Investor Relation Section, Kanematsu Corporation https://www.kanematsu.co.jp/en/inquiry/

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