Kanematsu partners with the Indonesian firm Pertamina in a joint demonstration project for achieving decarbonization through the reduction of CO2 emissions and improving logistics efficiency

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December 20, 2021

On December 10, 2021, Kanematsu Corporation (Kanematsu) and its subsidiary Datatec Co., Ltd. (Datatec) agreed to a joint demonstration project with Pertamina Patra Niaga (Pertamina), a major oil company owned by the Indonesian government. We have begun providing support to the demonstration project for improving the fuel efficiency of Pertamina's transport trucks, with the ultimate goal of achieving decarbonization and improving logistics efficiency.

We are undertaking the project as part of the Ministry of the Environment's Financing Programme to Demonstrate Decarbonization Technology for Realizing Co-Innovation*. By equipping Pertamina's LPG skid tank fleet with the Indonesian Safety Recorder (ISR) manufactured by Datatec, Pertamina will be able to improve vehicle safety, which is essential to mitigate operational risk, and enhance operation management efficiency. The devices will be installed in vehicles used in Jakarta, West Java, Central Java, and East Java for five years; where a total of 130 ISRs will constantly collect vehicle data to help improve fuel efficiency and provide better guidance for improving operating efficiency.

The strength of Datatec's devices allow advanced vehicle motion analysis: they monitor the vehicle position and condition, confirm the history of dangerous activity, and analyze driving safety using their proprietary logic algorithm. In Japan, the devices have helped reduce accidents by up to 50% and improve fuel efficiency by up to 10%, as well as reducing the maintenance overhead. We aim to use the Kanematsu Group's network to expand the sales of Datatec products in foreign markets such as Indonesia, that have different traffic situations and road environments.

The Kanematsu Group's medium-term vision includes the following priority initiatives: "Pursue DX on a groupwide basis" and "Promote investments in business areas on the themes of environment, society, and safety, for achievement of the SDGs." By leveraging Datatec's advanced environmental technology as well as customizing and spreading its products, we will strive to achieve decarbonization and help prevent traffic accidents in addition to reducing CO2 emissions on a global scale.

*The Financing Programme to Demonstrate Decarbonization Technology for Realizing Co-Innovation is for implementing innovation and demonstration projects that aim to reduce CO2 emissions in partner countries through creating decarbonization systems, combining multiple decarbonization technologies, and other initiatives. Each project is designed according to the unique characteristics of the partner country, ranging from environmental regulations and institutions to cultural customs. Datatec was chosen for the program in 2019 by the Global Environment Centre Foundation, the organization that oversees the program.
Website: https://gec.jp/category/innovation/

Group photo with an LPG skid tank transport vehicle in the background
Group photo with an LPG skid tank transport vehicle in the background

Signing ceremony with Pertamina
Signing ceremony with Pertamina


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