President's Speech at the Fiscal 2022 Entrance Ceremony

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April 1, 2021

The entrance ceremony was held on April 1. President Yoshiya Miyabe gave a speech to the new employees as follows:


This is a truly happy occasion as you all enter Kanematsu Corporation.

I feel very privileged to greet you in this way as you prepare for a future in Kanematsu Group. I give you my heartfelt best wishes.

We have not yet quite got the better of the new coronavirus infection, but the COVID-19 quasi-state of emergency has been lifted, and though some measures are still being taken against it, I am very glad to say that I can appear before you all today to conduct this entry ceremony.

Focusing on diversity

Forty-one new colleagues joined us here today. This year, we are able to welcome many women, people from overseas, and graduates of foreign universities. We value diversity, because, behind that, there is our corporate culture that values each individual's qualities and humanity irrespective of nationality and gender. Each person's rich humanity, including those who have joined us previously, are the wealth of this corporation, and thanks to these riches, to the present, we have been able to create many business opportunities.

Responding to a new era

Well then, as each of you knows, due to the spread of the new coronavirus and the tense international situation we are in a world where it is quite impossible to see into the future. In addition, we are in what is called a fourth industrial revolution, where digitalization is rapidly advancing based on a technical revolution involving AI and IoT. Also, environmental problems are becoming a real factor and we are heading towards decarbonization, so that in the environment surrounding our corporation the speed of change is rapidly increasing. For over 130 years since this corporation's founding in 1889, its founding purpose has remained as its corporate philosophy. It has held to a pioneering spirit and to flexible thinking, and it has advanced through corporate activity to bring about social and economic progress. During this long history there have been many times like the present when the future has been hard to read, but we have been able to respond to many changes down to the present, as we have held to the corporate philosophy from generation to generation and achieved much. I am confident that in the future too, we will be able to respond to the new era if we hold to our unshaken convictions matched by the daring to make necessary change. To achieve this, your youthful flexibility of imagination and your youthful strength is indispensable.

Closing words

Finally, I would like to offer you all words of encouragement. I always say that taking action is of first importance. When people enter Kanematsu, they have some idea of what kind of work they want to do, although perhaps there are some who as yet have no particular work in mind. Still, you may enter the company and yet not quite get the work you wanted, and in fact there is much work that might not be your first choice. But I think the important thing is to start from where you are and from what you are able to do there. First of all, do something. Then, remembering to keep faith with those around you, work with your whole heart. As you build on this, there will be an increasing number of people inside and outside the company who want to do business with you, and these people will become an irreplaceable resource to you. In this way, your work will become very enjoyable. And I believe that this attitude will lead to a life of great value and one with no regrets.

Let me say again today, congratulations on entering the corporation. Let's keep ourselves in good shape, and enjoy this work together.

I look forward to seeing your efforts and I give you my best wishes.

President Yoshiya Miyabe
Kanematsu Corporation

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