Kanematsu invests in CARBON FLY, an Emerging Carbon Nanotube Manufacturer

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May 16, 2022

Kanematsu Corporation ("Kanematsu") is pleased to announce that it has invested in CARBON FLY, Inc. ("CARBON FLY"), an emerging carbon nanotube manufacturer. Kanematsu, alongside automotive parts manufacturer F.C.C. Co., Ltd. ("F.C.C."), has acquired shares in CARBON FLY by subscribing to a third-party allocation of new shares.

Discovered in 1991, carbon nanotubes ("CNTs") have excellent physical (mechanical, electrical, and thermal) and chemical properties. In terms of mechanical properties, they have a tensile strength 100 times greater than steel, a Young's modulus five times greater than steel, and a density about one-half that of aluminum, making them a dream material that promise not only increased strength but also reduced weight. Moreover, due to their conductive properties, CNTs are also expected to see use as a conductive additive in lithium-ion batteries.

Over the 30 years since the discovery of CNTs, research into their mass production has made considerable progress, raising hopes for industrial applications. However, because of their tendency to clump together, the problem of dispersion has long been a major challenge. In addition to CARBON FLY's advantages in terms of dispersion, it possesses very impressive technological capabilities in CNT orientation and length/diameter control, successfully producing the world's first molded products using CNT films in 2019. The company has great potential for further expansion into other industrial applications of this material, such as aerospace equipment, automobiles, medical devices and related systems, and state-of-the-art sporting equipment.

CNTs are also expected to contribute to decarbonization during manufacturing, as their scientific properties allow them to generate energy more efficiently in smaller quantities than conventional materials. Working toward a decarbonized society is one of the Kanematsu Group's key materiality issues, and through our efforts with CARBON FLY, we will make a contribution to mitigating climate change.

Kanematsu, in cooperation with F.C.C. and CARBON FLY, will strive to achieve a better world through the application of CNT products in society.

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