Kanematsu forms Business Alliance with Asuene, a Provider of Cloud Services for Reducing CO2 Emissions

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June 22, 2022

Kanematsu Corporation (below, "Kanematsu") is pleased to announce that it has agreed to a business alliance with Asuene Inc. (below, "Asuene"), the provider of the Asuzero cloud service for visualizing and reducing CO2 emissions, to provide comprehensive support for corporate carbon neutrality initiatives. Asuzero and our decarbonization solutions will help companies to pursue decarbonization in Scopes 1, 2, and 3.

■ Details of the Business Alliance

Last year, Kanematsu formed a group-wide GX Accelerator team of about 20 people to identify which products and services of all business units in our company as well as group companies contribute to decarbonization/GX(Green Transformation). This has enabled us to develop a system where we can offer a variety of GX solutions as a one-stop shop, not only in Scopes 1 and 2, but also Scope 3. By drawing on these solutions and expertise for GX alongside our suppliers and customers, we, as a trading company that connects the supply chain, aim to achieve carbon neutral supply chain.

Asuene's Asuzero is a cloud service and SX* consulting service for companies and local governments to visualize and reduce CO2 emissions throughout the supply chain in Scopes 1, 2, and 3. Through its all-in-one solutions for decarbonization, which is one of its strengths, it provides comprehensive services to promote corporate decarbonization management.

This business alliance puts in place a framework for providing total support for corporate decarbonization management by combining Asuene's expertise in services with Kanematsu's in solutions.

One of the Kanematsu Group's materiality issues is to work toward a carbon-free society. Furthermore, under the indices and goals of our TCFD, the Group aims to both reduce its own emissions and increase its contributions to reductions throughout its business activities, thereby achieving carbon neutrality by 2025, carbon negative -150,000t CO2 by 2030, and -1,000,000t CO2 by 2050.

By not only expanding REDD+ and Joint Crediting Mechanism(JCM) projects, but also by promoting corporate decarbonization management and reducing supply chain emissions, as we are doing with this alliance, we will step up our contribution to decarbonization in society and help mitigate climate change.

* SX: Sustainability Transformation (SX) refers to companies switching to a management policy that emphasizes sustainability.

*Examples of CO2 reduction solutions

Scope1: Biofuels (palm kernel shells, wood pellets, biodiesel, etc.), hydrogen, carbon neutral fuels, energy saving
Scope2: Renewable energy (PPA models, etc.)

Category 1 (bio/recycled materials, reduced-weight materials, low-emission products, etc.)

Improved efficiency and alternatives for Category 4 (upstream logistics), and Category 9 (downstream logistics)

■About Asuzero

Asuzero is a cloud service for visualizing and reducing CO2 emissions, which helps to make the complicated task of calculating these emissions simple. It provides support for calculating and visualizing greenhouse gas and CO2 emissions, reduction and carbon offsetting, and reporting and disclosing supply chain emissions (Scopes 1, 2, and 3).

<Main advantages of Asuzero>

◆ AI-OCR scans invoices and other documents to reduce work hours for customers and easily visualize CO2 emissions.
◆ UI/UX design that makes the system easy for anyone to use
◆ Extensive track record and experience as a CDP-certified Scoring Partner
◆ SX consulting available for CDP, SBT certification, TCFD scenario analysis, ICP, etc.
◆ Assistance in producing reporting materials for the Energy Conservation Law and conducting various initiatives based on GHG protocols, etc.
◆ Provision of all-in-one decarbonization solutions, including offsetting through CO2 credits and clean power

■Asuene Company Profile

Name: Asuene Inc.
Business: Asuzero cloud service for CO2 emissions visualization, Asuene clean power service
Capital: 1,982.5 million yen (including capital surplus)
Representative: Kohei Nishiwada, Co-founder and CEO
Shareholders: The management; Incubate Fund; Energy & Environment Investment, Inc.; STRIVE, Inc.; Pavilion Capital Pte. Ltd. (a fund backed by the government of Singapore); GMO VenturePartners, Inc.; Axiom Asia Private Capital Pte. Ltd.
Founded: October 2019
Address: CIC TOKYO, Toranomon Hills Business Tower 15F, 1-17-1 Toranomon, Minato, Tokyo
URL: https://earthene.com/corporate/


Public & Investor Relations Section, Kanematsu Corporation
Tel: +81-3-5440-8000

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