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July 6, 2023


 We are pleased to announce that Kanematsu Corporation (Kanematsu) has invested in Samsara Eco, an Australian environmental technology startup. Kanematsu acquired shares by accepting Samsara Eco's third-party allotment of shares. Through this investment, Kanematsu aims to engage in efforts to reduce plastic waste, which has grown into a critical social issue in recent years, and establish a recycling-oriented business focused on plastic recycling.


 Samsara Eco was established in Australia in 2021 and possesses an original enzyme recycling technology that can break down plastic (polymers), and furthermore, revert it into its original components (monomers) in a short time frame. Samsara Eco's enzyme recycling technology has the following characteristics:


1. It can use recycled monomers to (infinitely) re-manufacture brand-new plastic products.

2. Samsara Eco's recycling technology greatly reduces the amount of greenhouse gases emitted during the plastic recycling process compared to conventional methods.

3. Plastics containing impurities and additives can also be recycled, including textiles.


 In order to utilize Samsara Eco's technology, Kanematsu will leverage its broad network to construct a supply chain that spans from collecting plastic in Japan and Asia to manufacturing and supplying recycled resins.


 One of the priority issues that the Kanematsu Group has established in its Medium-Term Vision is to "invest in business segments related to environmental, social, and safety issues to help achieve the SDGs." Kanematsu will contribute to the transition to a circular economy through its initiative with Samsara Eco.


【Overvieww of SAMSARA ECO】


Name Samsara Eco
Established 2021
CFO & Founder Paul Riley
Head office Australia
Business Plastic recycling business
URL https://www.samsaraeco.com/



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