Kanematsu enters into a partnership agreement with Denmark’s Danish Crown to spread sustainable pork products in Japan



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Kanematsu Corporation (hereinafter “Kanematsu”) and the international food company Danish Crown A/S (hereinafter “Danish Crown”) are announcing a strategic enhancement of their partnership to promote the sale of sustainable pork products in the Japanese market.

Based on this agreement, we will combine Danish Crown (based in Denmark)’s initiatives in sustainable meat production and Kanematsu’s diverse distribution channels in the Japanese market that we have built through our long-standing meat products business to establish a strategic partnership focused on sustainability. While ensuring taste and high quality as before, we will provide pork products that are produced with environmentally- and animal welfare-conscious methods to customers across Japan and thereby contribute to realizing a sustainable society.

Largest international food company in Europe Danish Crown and Kanematsu have built on a 40-year history of successful collaboration in Japan. Kanematsu is Danish Crown’s largest trade partner in Japan, which is one of the latter’s most important markets, as well as being a business partner. Through this partnership, we will promote the creation of a sustainable meat supply chain together with Danish Crown and client companies to meet the demands of increasingly sustainability-conscious Japanese consumers.

Danish Crown is an industry leader that aims to become the most sustainable meat producer through large-scale investment. For example, by 2030, Danish Crown aims to reduce the climate impact of the company’s meat production by 50% relative to 2005 and be climate-neutral (net zero) by 2050.  It engages in a variety of other initiatives too, such as reducing methane gas emissions in meat production to contribute to environmental conservation as well as improving animal welfare.

As a long-time pioneer in the meat product industry boasting a leading market share, Kanematsu has amassed a wealth of insight and a robust product lineup. Based on this agreement, we will bring the added value of Danish Crown’s sustainability initiatives to customers in Japan through, for example, providing carbon foot print*1 information, and will promote joint product marketing communications toward expanding our market share and product lineup even further. Through these efforts, we not only hope to help client companies achieve their environmental goals, but also to establish the practice of offering sustainability-conscious products in the Japanese pork industry.

*1: The amount of greenhouse gases emitted over a product’s entire lifecycle (from raw material procurement to disposal/recycling) expressed in terms of CO2 volume


KANEMATSU CORPORATION/ President Yoshiya Miyabe

For 40 years, Kanematsu and Danish Crown have collaborated to deliver high quality and safe products to the Japanese meat market.
I am delighted that this partnership, by focusing on sustainability beyond delicious taste, quality and safety, will enable us to offer products that contribute to a more sustainable future for food. This collaboration is an important step in our mission to offer consumers high quality and sustainable food choices.


We are thrilled to strengthen our partnership with Kanematsu by adding sustainability to our longstanding commitment to quality and safety, and I commend Kanematsu for taking this bold step with us. The green transition of the food industry is essential for Danish Crown, and our business strategy builds on substantial sustainability investments. This strategic agreement not only reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship but also ensures that our products meet the evolving needs of our discerning customers in Japan. Achieving our sustainability ambitions is not possible without the support of our customers. Their commitment to integrating sustainability into their business operations is a testament to the shared vision we hold for a more sustainable future in the food industry. 

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