Human Resource Development Initiatives

Human resources are a vital asset for Kanematsu, and retaining and training human resources is important for the Company's growth. Kanematsu maintains systems to promote work-life balance, including child care support and family care support systems, seeking to create workplaces that are comfortable and rewarding for employees. Furthermore, we focus considerable eff ort on human resource development, an indispensable part of Kanematsu's growth.

Message from the Chief Officer of Human Resources & General Affairs

人事総務部長 南部 隆

Kazuo Tanaka
Senior Executice Officer,
Chief Officer,
Human Resources & General Affairs

Creating Rewarding, Employee-Friendly Workplaces by Developing Professionals with Individuality

Human resources are the Kanematsu Group's most valuable assets. Our Corporate Principle, established based on the entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Fusajiro Kanematsu, includes the passage, "Our purpose as a Company is not only to build a sound and flourishing business, but to fulfill our responsibilities as a corporate citizen, contributing to society and the security and well-being of all." Since the Group's founding 130 years ago, Kanematsu has strived to develop its people and create employee-friendly workplaces, growing and developing alongside a talented workforce.
One of the priority initiatives of the future 135 medium-term vision is the establishment of management infrastructure for achieving sustainable growth, under which we aim to build a framework for global strategy, cultivate management-level human resources, and improve employee satisfaction.
To develop management personnel, in July 2019, we launched Kanematsu University, a reinforced, more systematic version of our existing training systems. To make business investments and achieve the ongoing growth of the Kanematsu Group, we need human resources who can effectively manage businesses. Our aim is for employees to acquire not only basic knowledge and know-how, but broad, long-term perspectives that encompass the entire Company. By doing so, we will realize qualitative improvement, nurturing the next generation of Kanematsu leaders.

Furthermore, in fiscal 2018, we conducted an employee engagement survey. We believe that when employees feel more strongly connected to the Company, they aim higher and are more self-motivated, increasing productivity. Accordingly, based on employee feedback and opinions, we are advancing initiatives to enhance our personnel systems and implement work style reforms with the aim of making the Company more rewarding and employee-friendly. Improving each employee's physical health, mental health, and motivation contributes to work efficiency and new business creation. We thus aim to maintain environments in which diverse human resources can exercise their individuality and abilities while promoting the development of every employee and contributing to the achievement of the SDGs.

Although the business model is expected to change drastically due to the penetration or adoption of AI and IoT, trusted relationships with business partners are indispensable regardless of the era in which we live. The Kanematsu Group will continue evolving and expanding by further nurturing business people with unique personalities having basic qualities, such as fairness and integrity, that Kanematsu is proud of.

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