Supply Chain Management

Our Efforts in Supply Chain Management

We at the Kanematsu Group make it our mission to contribute to the development of the global community and economy. Our business covers both the domestic and global markets, and we are involved in the supply chains of diverse industries. In order to create a sustainable society, we believe it is vital that we conduct our business with a firm understanding of the diverse and complex challenges the global society is facing today, including climate change, social and environmental problems, and human rights. To this end we have established the Supply Chain CSR Action Guidelines toward fulfilling our social responsibility, through tackling social challenges together with our suppliers, clients, and partners, and promoting further cooperation and development.


  • Does the supplier conduct its business activities with due consideration to the environment?
  • Does it conduct its business activities with due consideration to human rights? (Respecting bans on child labor and forced labor)
  • What is its compliance record like?
  • Does it meet the latest quality standards? (Usage restrictions on harmful substances not to exceed legal thresholds)

Flow of CSR Procurement

CSR調達の流れ CSR調達の流れ

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