As a long-time pioneer in the meat prod-uct industry boasting a leading market share, Kanematsu has amassed a wealth of insight and a robust product lineup.

Upstream, we are working to reinforce relationships and diversify supply sources through equity investment in and business tie-ups with suppliers, while downstream we are building frameworks for the stable supply of safe, reliable products that offer high added value and meet customer needs.

As part of these efforts, we are cur-rently advancing an initiative to have beef tongue imported by Kanematsu processed at a facility operated by the social welfare corporation Harakara in Miyagi Prefecture.

Harakara’s aim of making communities more livable by creating work opportuni-ties for people with disabilities aligns with Kanematsu’s key issue of “Mutual develop- ment with local communities,” which is aimed at contributing to sustainable com-munity growth and development.

The beef tongue processed at this facility has been well received by customers.