In cooperation with Kaga City in Ishikawa Prefecture, Kanematsu implemented a proof-of-concept trial of blood transporta-tion by drone.

Kanematsu and Kaga City have entered a comprehensive partnership agreement for the promotion of regional revitalization using flying vehicles and drones, and Kaga City is implementing activities aimed achieving an “industrial revolution in the sky” to attract and retain businesses in the Advanced Air Mobility industry.

The trial was implemented as part of these efforts with the aim of estab-lishing a practical medical drone delivery network in the future.

Skyports Limited, with which Kanematsu has an equity and business alli-ance, took part in the trial as its operator,verifying factors related to temperature control, temperature management, and the number of deliveries possible using drone transportation.

The trial featured the first flight in Japan of the Kookaburra drone made by Swoop Aero, flying along two delivery routes of 6 km and 10 km between medical facilities in Kaga City.

By combining the functions and expe-rience of Skyports and the Kanematsu Group’s network, we will continue work-ing toward the practical implementation of drone businesses in Japan and contrib-ute to the creation of a sustainable society.