Based on its track record to date, in 2023 Kanematsu Petroleum Corp. was regis-tered as a supporting organization for for-mulating decarbonization plans under the Ministry of the Environment’s SHIFTProgram.

The SHIFT Program aims to cre-ate leading examples of decarbonization practices at factories and workplaces, widely publicize and horizontally apply such knowledge, and thereby contribute to achieving Japan’s 2030 target for green-house gas (GHG) emissions reduction and 2050 target of carbon neutrality.

Subsidies are granted for projects in the following two categories.

1. Formulating decarbonization promo-tion plans

2. Reducing CO 2 emissions through the introduction of high-efficiency equip-ment, fuel conversion work, or opera-tional improvements based on such decarbonization promotion plans; cal-culating emissions volumes; and retir-ing emission allowances Kanematsu Petroleum Corp.

will use the subsidies from the national govern-ment to provide a wide range of proposals to customers through activities that include the identification of energy-saving opportunities and the subsequent intro-duction of high-efficiency equipment and fuel conversion work.

Aiming to contribute to the accelerating tide of decarbonization across society, the Kanematsu Group will begin by steadily implementing energy-saving measures close at hand to help cus-tomers reduce their carbon emissions.