Kanematsu, UMITO Partners Inc., Ikeshita Sangyo, and Hamahei Gyogyo have jointly established the Hokkaido Japanese Sardine Fishery Improvement Project (FIP) with the aim of obtaining MSCcertification.*

As the world’s population increases,the global consumption of marine prod-ucts is expanding, and fish farm produc-tion volume is steadily increasing, as are the importance of and needs for aquacul-ture products as a source of protein.

However, aquaculture also presents issues related to reducing the burden on ecosys-tems and the global environment.

For example, the production of the fish meal used as feed in aquaculture can lead to the overexploitation of fishery resources, and uneaten feed left in the water at farms can negatively affect local water quality.

Through the FIP, Kanematsu is working to build a business while solving environ-mental and social issues, such as those related to water pollution and biodiversity.

By doing so, we aim to help increase the sustainability of domestically produced animal feedstuff ingredients and enhance the competitiveness of Japan’s overall aquaculture supply chain.

* Marine Stewardship Council certification is given to marine products, such as fish, shellfish, shrimp, and crab, that meet certain conditions related to the sustainable use of natural marine products and protection of the marine environment.