Steel, Materials & Plant

In the Steel, Materials & Plant Division, we cover a wide range of areas including trading in steel products in general and energy solutions including petroleum products, trading in functional chemicals, machinery, and the plant/infrastructure business. In each area, our employees use their high level of expertise to provide products with high added value and develop new products.
The Kanematsu Group brings together its comprehensive strength in the pursuit of integrated business operations beyond boundaries, and will also focus on investment in overseas business centered on our area of specialty, environment/energy.

Eiji Kan
Managing Executive
Steel, Materials & Plant


Group Companies


Kanematsu Trading Corp. Sales and the export and import of various types of steel, civil engineering/construction materials, raw materials for steel, steel products, and specialty steel
Kyowa steel Co., Ltd Cutting and processing of steel sheet,plate and sales of steel, steel products, and construction materials
EiwaMetal Co., Ltd. Cutting and processing of stainless steel, titanium and sales of high nickel products.
Kenkosya Co., Ltd. Construction, design, manufacturing, installation, and sales of steel joinery


Kanematsu Petroleum Corp. Integrated energy sales company
Kanematsu Yuso Co., Ltd.. Delivery and storage of petroleum products
Kanematsu Chemicals Corp. Sales of chemical products in general, pharmaceutical products/intermediates, and functional food materials
Kanematsu Wellness Corp. Production and sale of health foods and provision of medical information


Kanematsu KGK Corp. Machine tools, industrial machinery, textile machinery, food-related machinery, automatic warehouse/logistics-related machinery, and plastic product-related machinery
KGK Engineering Corp. Repair and sales of machine tools; Sales of paper-manufacturing machinery
Watachukikai Corp. Wholesale of cutting tools and peripheral and auxiliary tools

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