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Forest Preservation Initiatives : Participating in REDD+ Business

Kanematsu is participating in a new high-potential business under the REDD+ program which greatly contributes as a measure against global warming, from a perspective of SDGs and ESG investing as a trading company.

One project we are implementing was launched in 2011 in Corontalo Province, Indonesia, with Gobel group. In this region, deforestation due to slash-and-burn corn agriculture is a problem. The project Kanematsu is part of seeks to promote the planting of cacao plantations instead. Working with a Japanese chocolate company, Kanematsu provides technical guidance to local farmers to help them produce high-quality cacao while advancing value chain development, inclusing cacao purchasing and marketing. We aim to continue to work closely with local residents and partners and food products manufactures in Japan to market products made with cacao from this region in both Japan and Indonesia.

*REDD+ (reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation) is an initiative aimed at promoting sustainable forest management in developing countries. It includes public-private partnerships aimed at building a framework for meeting Japan's greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets through the acquisition and trading of emissions credits.

The project described above is a subsidized REDD+ business utilizing Japan's joint crediting mechanism (JCM) with support from the Ministry of the Environment. It is aimed at both reducing CO2 emissions through forest preservation and, through the JCM system, helping Japan meet its emission reduction targets.

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