Kanematsu received Three Flight Inspection Aircraft Order from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB)

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February 12, 2014

We are pleased to announce that Kanematsu Corporation (“Kanematsu”) has received an order for three flight inspection aircraft from Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport Civil Aviation Bureau (“JCAB”). The contract is worth approximately 4.7 Billion Yen, and is planning deliveries at the Central International Airport, Japan in December 2015 which is the contractual delivery date.

The flight inspection aircraft is a modified CJ4 (C525C) aircraft manufactured by Cessna Aircraft Company (“Cessna”) which has been doing business for over 85 years in Wichita, KS, the United States. The flight inspection aircraft will be equipped with the flight inspection system manufactured by Norwegian Special Mission (“NSM”). As a result of evaluation of technical points and price in a comprehensive manner, the flight inspection aircraft succeeds both two Global Express and two Gulfstream IV which are currently operated by JCAB.

Since first being introduced in 2010, over 120 Cessna’s Citation CJ4 (525C) aircraft in operation around the world have been extremely reliable. In addition, NSM flight inspection system has a track record of delivering more than 30 units around the world, including the flight inspection aircraft Dash8-Q300 type, which is currently operated by JCAB.

Flight inspection aircraft is used to confirm accuracy of air navigation facilities, air routes, air traffic control facilities and more, while in flight. The aircraft is essential for keeping safe navigation of aircraft operation.

Kanematsu will continue to further strengthen the aircraft business by taking advantage of the know-how of aircraft-related business.

Public Relations Department, Kanematsu Corporation


Basic Specification of CJ4 (525C)
Width 50ft 10in (15.49m) Cruise Speed 435kts (835km/h)
Length 53ft 4in (16.26m) Max Operating Altitude 45,000ft (13,716m)
Height 15ft 4in (4.67m) Max Take-off Weight 17,110lb (7,761kg)
Type of Engine FJ44-4A (2) Range 1,920nm (3,556km)

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