Environmental Report

Environmental Initiatives

As a core of our environmental initiatives, our company has developed an environmental management system based on the international standard for environmental management, ISO 14001, and operates this system.

Our management system aims to achieve our environmental policies and focuses on the prevention of pollution in business activities and aggressive contribution to the improvement of the environment in order to contribute to sustainable growth, which aims to achieve harmony between the maintenance and improvement of the global environment and economic growth.

We are currently expanding the application of our management system from the headquarters in Tokyo to all the branch offices in Japan, including the Osaka Branch, Kanematsu Agri-Tech Corporation, Kanematsu Communications Ltd., Kanematsu Advanced Materials Corporation and further to Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation.

In addition, we will develop an environmental management system within our affiliated companies, gradually obtaining third-party certification based on the environmental management system standard, ISO 14001.

Details of ISO 14001 Certification of Kanematsu Corporation

Certification body TUV Rheinland Cert GmbH
Certification Registr. No. 01 104 031719
Month and year of gaining certification 15th March 2004
Validity 14th March 2022

Kanematsu Corporation Tokyo Head Office
Kanematsu Corporation Osaka Branch
Kanematsu Corporation Midosuji Office
Kanematsu Corporation Hokkaido Branch
Kanematsu Corporation Nagoya Branch
Kanematsu Corporation Kobe Main Office
Kanematsu Corporation Kyusyu Branch
Kanematsu Agritech Co., Ltd.
Kanematsu Communications Ltd. (Headquarters)
Kanematsu Advanced Materials Corp. Tohoku Branch
Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation Tokyo Head Office
Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation Osaka Office
Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation Nagoya Office
Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation Sendai Office

Certificate ISO14001 Certificate

Group companies that have gained ISO 14001 certification

Company name Month and year of gaining certification (in chronological order)
1. Kanematsu Petroleum Corp. January 2005
2. Kanematsu Yuso Co., Ltd.. January 2005
3. Kanematsu Chemicals Corp. March 2005
4. Kanematsu Wellness Corp. April 2005
5. Hokushin Co., Ltd. August 2005
6. Kanematsu KGK Corp. September 2005
7. Kanematsu Sustech Corp January 2006
8. Kanematsu Agritec Co., Ltd. March 2013
9.Kanematsu Communications Ltd. Headquarters March 2015
10.Kanematsu Advanced Materials Corp. September 2015
11. Kanematsu Futuretech Solutions Corporation May 2018

e-learning "Kanematsu Environmental Education" was held.

Enrollment period from 3rd to 28th June, 2019
Intended audience New graduates in FY2019 and Newly appointed ISO promotion leaders

Response to Energy Saving Act

June, 2007 Certified as a specified shipper since the total annual ton-km in Japan is 3,000 ton-km or more.
June, 2019 Up to the present date
A regular term report (actual consumption of energy for transportation in FY2018) and a plan document (FY2019 energy reduction plan) were submitted to the Kanto Bureau of Economy, Trade and Industry.
FY2018 basic unit : 9.07
Average change in the basic unit for five years : 99.6%
<Quantitative effect> CO2 reduction per year (year-on-year) -2,641t-CO2


December 2009 Registered as Partner companies that promote the "Declaration of Biodiversity" by Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
October 2010 Revision of Environmental Policies
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