Foods & Grain


In the areas of processed fruits and prepared foods, with sales centered on imported foodstuff for the restaurant, ready-made-meal, and retail markets, we established at an early stage a joint-venture plant for sorting and processing, built an integrated production management system covering everything from procurement to manufacturing, and provided high-quality safe food.
For food and beverages such as confectionary ingredients, coffee and wine, we inspect the farms and factory conditions of production areas throughout the world to select our business partners.
For agricultural products such as peanuts and sesame seeds, we have also developed new production areas (developing breeds, contracted growing, sorting and processing), and focus on marketing differentiated products.
For ready-cooked foods, we have received a patent for "A method for producing a rice ball with red beans" and develop solution-type products to propose our products from our own development team. We have set up overseas plants equipped with a central-kitchen function that enables a broad array of products to be produced simultaneously, based on experience accumulated in the food service market in Japan and focusing on the growth of the local-production-for-local-consumption business.

Main products and services

  • Processed fruits (frozen/canned)
  • Concentrated fruit/vegetable juices
  • Confectionary ingredients (Couverture chocolate, Cocoa powder, Nuts, Dry fruits, Dairy products, etc.)
  • Coffee, Teas, Alcoholic beverages (Wine, etc.)
  • Sugar, Honey
  • Sesame seeds, Peanuts, Pulses and peas, Nuts and seeds
  • Vegetable oil, Olive oil,
  • Processed wheat (Wheat flour, Pasta, Frozen bread dough, etc.),
  • Cereal ingredients
  • Cooked foods

Main group companies

  • Coffee Network
    Online sales site of commercial specialty green coffee beans for roasters
  • bloombergfinance
  • JPX日経400
  • JPX日経中小型