Human Resource Development Initiatives

Training System

Kanematsu University

 Kanematsu University, a reinforced, more systematic version of our existing training systems, was launched in July 2019 to develop management professionals who will create new businesses.

 All employees of Kanematsu and Group companies who have been with the Group for less than ten years are required to participate in the system, which grants credits and certifications. The curriculum comprises the three categories of general education, interpersonal knowledge and skills, and professional knowledge and skills. The system provides a rich range of courses administered via e-learning or group training, depending on the content. Content ranges from the fundamental, such as business manners and foreign languages, to specialized knowledge and skills, such as business investment, legal matters, and anger management. Using Kanematsu University, we are developing the next generation of management-level human resources.

Executive Management Training

 Kanematsu created a new executive management training system in fiscal 2017 to foster the skills to operate businesses and organizations from an executive management perspective. Specifically, the targets of this training are to (1) foster strategy formulation and human resource management abilities and (2) acquire the basic knowledge necessary to an executive manager. In the first year, we implemented this training for general manager-level employees. Since fiscal 2018, we have been gradually expanding this training to the division manager level and below, planning to eventually include employees who are in approximately their 10th year with the Company.

Training in Business Plan Formulation

Kanematsu aims to improve corporate value by deepening its core competencies, making new investments in business creation and taking on other new challenges. The specific aim is to create new businesses from existing businesses. We have created these planning courses for the purpose of imparting the skills necessary for drafting new business plans.

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